When it comes to physical therapy services, we strive to provide you with the biggest bang for your buck.  What sets us apart is that you will receive: full 50-60 minute sessions of individualized one-on-one care with an experienced Manual Therapist, highly effective Manual Therapy techniques, a full body screening that determines your functional deficits, and faster recovery times.  All this will allow our clients to return to optimal pain-free function in less visits than conventional therapy approaches.

We offer a wide range of services whether you are suffering from chronic pain, an unexpected injury, impaired athletic performance, or general “old age” aches and pains.


Physical Therapy

One-on-one personalized patient care.


Pelvic Health

Individualized treatment aimed at managing pain and dysfunction related to the pelvis and surrounding structures in women and men.



Promote a healthy lifestyle with exercises that strengthen your core while also improving flexibility, balance, and posture.


Dry Needling

Effective treatment for eliminating pain and dysfunction in musculoskeletal conditions.


Wellness & Nutrition

Receive comprehensive nutrition therapy to meet your whole-body lifestyle and wellness needs.


Running Assessment

Understand your running gait with a functional evaluation and video analysis.