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Enhance Your Running Performance with a Running Gait Assessment

Did you know that the physical therapists at Functionize Health & Physical Therapy offer Running Gait Assessments? If you are a runner, this is something you should consider. Not only will it enhance your running performance, but it will keep you running injury-free long into the future.

What is a Running Assessment?

Our physical therapists will complete a comprehensive evaluation of your strength, flexibility, and running mechanics to see where things are going wrong in your run. We use a video gait analysis program to identify areas that are prone to breakdown and teach you ways to prevent and treat running injuries. Based on our findings, our team educates you on appropriate techniques and exercises to improve your form and ultimately your running performance.

Why do I need this?

Running is a repetitive activity that involves high levels of impact on the body. The human body can only withstand a certain amount of impact before it starts to break down. This response occurs gradually as the body makes compensations to avoid pain and continue running. These compensations cause muscle imbalances and overuse in other areas of the body. Over time our running form becomes compromised leading to injury and inefficient performance.

In many cases, the answer to all of this may just be a few stretches, some home exercises, the correct shoe wear, or some manual therapy techniques to target the appropriate muscle sequencing and movement patterns specific to running.

What’s included in an Initial Running Assessment?

Runners of all levels and those that are injured or non-injured can benefit from a Running Assessment. A full one-hour Assessment will include:

  • Review of your running and fitness history, past injuries, barriers to training, and any future running goals.

  • Completion of a functional movement screening aimed at finding any movement, strength, or coordination deficits that may impact your running.

  • Perform a video gait analysis of your running form with immediate feedback on improving your form.

  • Reassess your running form based on any verbal and tactile cues/feedback given.

  • Educate on individualized treatment strategies including form drills, exercises and training plan suggestions based on your Running Assessment.

Answer any running or fitness questions you have and set goals based on your Running Assessment findings.

Runners of all levels can benefit from a Running Assessment. From the novice runner to the post-partum mom to the high-level endurance athlete, we all want to run pain-free. But figuring out our barriers to performance is the toughest part – and that’s why we are here to help! Give us a call today to schedule your one-hour Running Assessment at 404.907.4196 or info@functionizehealth.com.

Thanks for reading,

-Lauren Sok, Physical Therapist

Lauren Sok, Founder of Functionize Health & Physical Therapy, brings 18 years of physical therapy practice and expertise in treating orthopedic and sports medicine related injuries. She incorporates a functional medicine approach in treating the whole person to find the root cause of a problem, rather than treating one body part at a time. Lauren holds a Master of Physical Therapy and Bachelor of Science in Health Science from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. She is a Certified Stott Pilates Instructor, a Clinical Instructor at the Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program, Emory University, and is trained in Redcord Neurac and Trigger Point Dry Needling. Lauren’s email is lauren@functionizehealth.com. More information can be found at www.functionizehealth.com.



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