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Alli was born in Charlotte, NC before her dad was transferred for work to North Atlanta where she grew up. Although her parents recently moved back to the Charlotte area, she still calls Atlanta her home. 


As the end of high school approached, Alli began thinking about her future career. With a mom as a nurse and many weekends spent binge watching Grey’s Anatomy, she knew she was drawn to the medical field. Since she can’t handle the blood/guts it takes to work in the medical field, she tried looking into the business side of healthcare. No colleges in Georgia offered a health administration degree at the time she was graduating. However, her two older siblings had toured colleges in years prior and had always spoken highly of their trip to visit Auburn University. Alli was lucky enough to attend Auburn where they had just the program she was looking for! Four years later and she graduated during the pandemic and moved back to Atlanta. 


Prior to working at Functionize, Alli worked at an In-Network physical therapy office where she gained experience in a busy clinic setting. Through her experience & college education, she realized the control that insurance companies have over the care that can be provided to patients. She enjoys working at Functionize because we can go beyond the control of insurance companies and provide top notch care. 


Alli currently lives in Brookhaven and hopes to add a long haired miniature Dachshund to the mix soon! In her spare time, she loves to watch documentaries and spend time with friends & family.

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