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If you would have asked Andrew as a teenager what career path he thought he would take, architecture would have been the first thing to come to his mind. He was wrong in the field he would choose, however only slightly. He loved the idea of figuring out the science of how pieces fit together and formed a whole. As he went through school, it was apparent he was better geared towards the human body with how it works and fits together rather than figuring out blueprints for office buildings or landscapes. At the core of it, Andrew loves getting to know people personally and helping them to achieve their goals by using that engineering mentality of human movement.

Andrew became more involved in sports during his time at Clemson, including playing ultimate frisbee and laying a foundation for running and working out. It wasn’t until obtaining his Doctorate of Physical Therapy at MUSC in Charleston, SC that his love for running and seeking a healthier lifestyle began to take off. It became apparent that many people just didn’t know where to start with their own journey for a commitment to a strong and healthy life. At MUSC, Andrew was involved in the CARES Therapy pro-bono clinic offered by faculty and students. It was there he began to hone and develop the skill to listen to various obstacles and challenges facing many individuals, and come to a resolution on how to attack those problems.

Upon graduating and starting his career as a licensed physical therapist, he was able to expand his knowledge on movement dysfunction and how best to address his clients’ needs. The one-on-one atmosphere of Functionize allows Andrew to provide his expertise for the best client-centered experience possible to achieve their goals, no matter how big or small you think they seem. He loves to celebrate all the accomplishments and takes your experiences and viewpoints into consideration with every decision made to help you become your best, pain-free self. 

Andrew lives in Stone Mountain Village with his wife, Stephanie. They have 2 dogs: Chipper (Lab mix) and Benji (Corgi/Blue Heeler). They all enjoy a long walk in the park, camping, sporting events, and visiting coffee shops in the Atlanta area. You can catch Andrew running with the Dunwoody Road Runners group to combine his passion with creating community.


  • B.S. in Biological Sciences, Clemson University 2015

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy, Medical University of South Carolina 2019

  • Trigger Point Dry Needling

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