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A focused and optimistic Physical Therapist, Ashleigh found her love for movement after physical therapy helped her return to an active lifestyle after a high school shoulder injury. A native of Florida, Georgia, and Alabama she found her passion for physical therapy at an outpatient clinic when she saw how therapists were able to improve patient’s quality of life through movement and modalities. 

Graduating from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, she learned the importance of communication, motivation, and the brain to body connection that was key in her understanding of client focused care for people with dysfunction. As a state champion volleyball player, she found coaching youth athletes in volleyball at her old club after undergraduate gave her great joy. A chance to give back to the community that had given Ashleigh a passion for competition and well-founded work ethic excited her.

Moving to Saint Augustine to live with her dad and attend graduate school at the University to Saint Augustine for Health Science was a perfect fit. She also continued volleyball coaching in Jacksonville and found a larger volleyball community. Ashleigh worked at the front desk of a corporate physical therapy clinic and found she did not like what she was seeing with the patient care. The model of seeing 3-4 patients an hour, rushed through exercises, barely any hands-on time, and coming multiple times a week for multiple weeks did not go with the image of independence and success for clients she had in mind. She felt things were overlooked and could be improved upon by just having the time each session to sit down with the patient, one on one. 

As an employee of Functionize, Ashleigh’s goal is to get clients back to doing what they love. She believes no matter your age you should be able to reach your purposeful goals whether that be picking up your new born feeling strong or going up and down flights of stairs with poise. She understands the requirement of observing the client as a whole and not just separate pieces of a puzzle. 

Ashleigh believes through movement, wellness, and communication physical therapy can promote client overall wellbeing. She has now settled in Atlanta and coaches at A5 Volleyball program, the number 2 club in the nation. Catch Ashleigh working out at the local YMCA or Soul Cycle class with her boyfriend, Bin. She also enjoys long walks with Lady and Winnie the Pooh, their dogs. Ashleigh appreciates travel, Star Wars/Marvel content, and being outdoors. Also don’t tempt her with a  good meal, she will always take you up on it. 


  • B.S in Psychology, Kennesaw State University, 2014

  • Doctorate in Physical Therapy, University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, 2020

  • APTA (American Physical Therapy Assoc.) 

  • Trigger Point Dry Needling

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