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David was raised in the northern panhandle of West Virginia outside of Wheeling. There was always lots of music in the air growing up, and he was given a guitar from his grandfather at an early age. In high school, he played music with local bands and collected records for fun.
After graduating high school, David took a serious interest in photography.  He then moved to Pittsburgh, PA to attend the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.  Following art school he moved to Columbus, OH where he began working in photography studios.  To keep his musical side happy, he continued playing with different bands around the city.
After long deliberation, David decided to make a huge change and moved to New York City to pursue a career in the photography industry full time.  He started working for a number of Stock Photography agencies where he held positions in creative research, photo editing, and art acquisitions.  At night he continued to play guitar in bands and even landed some recording work, as a session musician.
David then moved to New England and worked as a digital photo retoucher in Boston.  After years of working in seclusion and light controlled rooms he decided to make a career change to the medical industry.  Here he found great joy in helping and interacting with patients.
In 2020, David moved to Georgia to be with his now wife.  He continued to work in the medical field and was finally brought on to join the Functionize team.  At Functionize Health and Physical Therapy, he found a clinic where patients desire a healthier and more fit path in life outside of the confines of insurance companies. 
He still collects records as well as records and composes music, including his own wedding music.  He loves his family and pets.  Say Hi! to him if you're stopping by the office,  he'll be happy to help you out!

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