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Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Classes at Functionize Health & Physical Therapy in Dunwoody, GA

  • Are you frustrated because you’re not making progress on your health or fitness goals?

  • Do you feel like you're hitting a plateau with your workout routines?

  • Are you ready to get back into a workout routine but worried about re-injury?

  • Do you struggle to stay motivated and would like some extra accountability to keep you on track?

  • Have you been unimpressed by the coaching and programming in other group class environments?

  • Are you nervous because you know you should start exercising but don’t know where to start?

  • Have you lost the FUN in functional fitness?

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We’ve got just the place for you: Functionize Group Fitness Classes — right in the heart of Dunwoody, GA!


Led by Licensed and Board-Certified Physical Therapists and Fitness Experts, our Group Classes feature physical therapy with a purpose—without the hefty price tag!

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If you love movement as much as we do, we think you'll love our classes. Here's why:

  • Classes are small. Join a group that's big enough to spark motivation but small enough to ensure you get the attention, guidance, and space you need to succeed. No judgments, no intimidation, no egos—just some like-minded spirits who are ready to WORK!

  • Classes are 100% supervised by physical therapists and movement specialists. You'll get expertly trained eyes on you at all times to ensure your technique is optimal, helping you get the maximum benefit from every class.

  • Classes are convenient and customizable. With a variety of course offerings, class times, and payment packages, Functionize makes it easier than ever to find a fitness routine that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Unlike at other gyms, Functionize classes are taught by licensed and board-certified physical therapists who can offer real-time, professional insights into your form, function, and movement quality. We help you get moving and keep moving, even if you're currently healing from an injury or surgery.

Explore Our Group Fitness Classes

Stretching, Strengthening, and Cardio Exercises All in One Place

Morning Mobility

  • Warm up for the day with flexibility and mobility exercises aimed at the whole body

  • Enjoy yoga-type movements with breathing techniques and stretching in order to feel your best for the day ahead

  • Intelligently designed curriculum to support your mobility goals

Cardio Circuit Training

  • Challenge yourself with high intensity interval training (HIIT)

  • For moderately active adults who want to get the most out of their gym time!

Mat Pilates

  • Explore the foundations of Pilates, including breathwork, core control, balance, and flexibility

  • Build a foundation of dynamic mobility and stability for more pain-free movement in everyday life

  • All levels welcome

Move With Ash!

  • 3-4 people maximum for all the benefits of group fitness with an intimate, one-on-one feel

  • Ideal for gym newbies or anyone who likes detailed movement explanations and demonstrations

Interested in Checking Out a Functionize Group Fitness Class?

Call or text the Functionize team today at 404-907-4196⁠ to sign up for your Group Fitness classes or check out our schedule to learn more.

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