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Jesse was born and raised in a small, rural community in midwestern Ohio, and spent the majority of his childhood doing all different kinds of activities, such as horseback riding, dirt bike riding, shooting, and playing sports like football and baseball. In his adolescent and teenage years though, he found himself becoming much less active, and started gaining weight as a result.

Through his undergraduate years at The Ohio State University and Wright State University, he started exercising regularly in the gym to make a positive impact on his health and lose some excess weight. Through this process, he found a passion in understanding the benefits of exercise, and went on to obtain a degree in biological sciences, with a concentration in applied physiology. During this process though, he experienced numerous nagging injuries that held him back from truly pushing himself in the gym. This ultimately drove him to pursue physical therapy as a profession to help others learn how to decrease their risk of injury, recover from aches and pains, and reach their potential.

While obtaining his doctorate in physical therapy, Jesse began noticing a trend in the physical therapy profession at large - so many clinicians and PT offices focused so much on the muscles, joints, and tissues of their patients, and forgot the most important thing of all: the PERSON in front of them. People are so much more than just the sum of their parts, and Jesse finds his role as a physical therapist to be so much more than just ‘fixing’ these parts. His passion for physical therapy is driven by a desire to connect with people and share their challenges, their struggles, and eventually their triumphs. 

This patient-centered, evidence based approach to helping people understand their aches and pains is what led Jesse to Functionize. Their unique approach ensures Jesse is able to do what he does best - listen to your story, understand where you’re coming from, what is slowing you down, and what you can do to move forward toward your health and wellness goals.

Along with his education as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Jesse brings an extensive background in exercise to the clinic. With experience across all different types of weight training, including Olympic-style weightlifting, Crossfit, and powerlifting, you can be sure that Jesse has the expertise to help you get where you want to go! 

When he’s not helping individuals in the clinic, Jesse can be found practicing what he preaches - lifting the bar. He is an avid weightlifter, competing and refereeing locally through USA weightlifting. He enjoys spending time doing anything active and outside, from throwing around the frisbee to floating down the Chattahoochee. Most of all, he enjoys exploring the city with his girlfriend Allison and hanging out with their two cats, Duck and Shax (though he swears he’s a dog-person at heart).



  • B.S. in Biological Sciences with a Concentration in Applied Physiology, Wright State University, 2017

  • Doctorate in Physical Therapy, University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, 2020

  • APTA (American Physical Therapy Assoc.) Member since 2018

  • USA Weightlifting Member and Referee, 2015

  • Trigger Point Dry Needling

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