Functionize Health & Physical Therapy Office Decatur, GA


Front Office Coordinator

Kristin grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago in a post-Title IX world with opportunities to participate in sports exploding for young girls. As a result, she started playing soccer at the age of four and participated in organized sports through her high school years trying out softball, golf, tennis, horseback riding, swimming, track and field, basketball, and volleyball along the way. Despite enjoying sports, she found that what made her come most alive was giving back to the community through volunteer and community work. As a young teen, she started volunteering at the local park district and United Way.


Kristin's career has had her working in the intersections of higher education and community work for several decades, serving the community in positions at the United Way, Louisiana State University, Pacific Lutheran University, and more. Her work has focused around helping connect people in need to resources in the community and beyond and has taken her all over the United States and Europe and to Africa. 


She rediscovered her athletic self long after college when she began running and fell into the sport of triathlon. She has competed in every distance triathlon from sprint to the Ironman. She also became involved in race production and community sports team management at the same time.

Kristin is in the final stages of her doctoral journey and will be graduating with her Ph.D. in early 2023. Her research focuses on thriving in female athletes, and she is actively using this knowledge to help coaches create a thriving culture on their teams and support individual athletes in both achieving their potential and enjoying the journey to get there.


When Kristin is not in the office or behind her laptop working on her research, she can be found outside biking or hiking.