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Marie grew up in the small, quiet town of Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania, about half an hour north of Pittsburgh. Her father and grandmother introduced her to arts and culture from a young age, and Marie began participating in art and music classes in elementary school as soon as she could. She would continue pursuing multiple facets of the arts in several different extracurricular activities such as digital and traditional art classes, marching band, acapella, and school musicals all the way through to high school graduation.

After graduating, Marie continued to build upon her creative skills with a dream to create for a living and would start taking freelance commissions online. She’d begun working in customer service while in high school and would thrive in positions where she could work directly with other people. Here, she would come to nurture a belief in the good of people, and that being kind and empathetic is worth the effort. When not working, Marie loved nothing more than spending time with friends and family, and very much enjoyed planning get togethers and trips with them.

In 2016, Marie made the rather massive decision of moving from her hometown for the first time all the way to Atlanta, Georgia, to move in with her now wife and hasn’t looked back. She adores the immense amount of culture in Atlanta, especially compared to where she’d grown up, and has found it to be an amazing place to continue to grow artistically. Here, Marie has taken up piano and singing lessons, and has been able to work with so many more people in the art field.

In 2021, she began wanting more out of her professional life, somewhere she could really settle into, and was lucky enough to break out of retail and into clerical work for the medical field, in which she has thrived. She would soon be brought onto the Functionize team, and here, she can help others in a more direct manner, while settling into a career that will allow her to provide for and hopefully grow her family.

On any given day, you can find Marie either drawing, singing, or trying to make someone laugh. The best part of her day is relaxing at home with her wife and two cats.

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