Whether she is hiking, camping, running, swimming, or practicing yoga, Sarah is all about being active.


In fact, it was this love for the beautifully intricate human body and an unquenchable curiosity for how it works that initially drew her to healthcare. Her complete fascination with the mechanics of movement coupled with an inherent need to help people find their love for life led her to physical therapy. 


For her, physical therapy is the opportunity to combine a passion for science and appreciation for the art of the human body with the gift of helping others.


After experiencing a variety of different approaches to physical therapy practice in Oregon and Utah, Sarah found her home in Functionize’s private-pay model giving the direction and decision-making power back to the patient. A firm believer in taking the whole human into account as opposed to focusing on a symptom, she is adept at creative approaches that lead to ah-ha moments around the root cause for pain or limitation.


With extensive training in vestibular disorders such as vertigo, dizziness, and post-concussion syndromes, as well as jaw issues, like clicking, popping, or pain, Sarah brings distinct expertise to the Functionize practice and its patients.


Although discomfort or limitation is often the motivation for seeking support, Sarah’s hope is that she will not only help each person return to the active life they miss and adore, but also give them the tools and understanding they need to prevent future injuries. Sarah enjoys staying busy and often has a project or two going on outside of the clinic, so she understands when you do too. Some days are harder than others to stay the course, and Sarah will work with you to help eliminate barriers when possible. Making consistent small choices to proactively care for your health and wellness amount to strong steps towards living your best active life.


If you leave a session with Sarah feeling lighter and enlightened about the potential of your body, she will take that as a win.


Originally from Portland, Sarah moved to Atlanta in March 2019. She and her partner Roscoe are excited to experience all that the area has to offer and welcome any insight into the “hidden gems.”



  • BA in General Science from University of Oregon, 2006

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)  from Northwestern University, 2008

  • Graston Technique

  • Functional Dry Needling



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