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Caroline was born and raised just north of “Music City,” Nashville, Tennessee. Growing up, music was a massive part of her life. From collecting vinyl with her dad to reciting John Denver classics with her mom, an appreciation for music and the arts was instilled at a young age. Caroline took up the clarinet in her school band and guitar lessons on the weekends, and found great fulfillment in performing with others - this fulfillment would lead her to pursue music in the coming years, performing in the Nashville Youth Orchestra, attending summer music festivals, and spending WAY too much time in marching band. 


Upon graduating high school, Caroline continued her music studies at Tennessee Tech University, where she built a private clarinet studio and worked in clerical roles while studying music education. Intent on building a private studio as a career, she furthered her studies at Florida State University, where she graduated with a masters in clarinet performance in 2022. During her time at FSU, Caroline relied on her connections with friends and mentors, and met the love of her life, Kevin.  


In the spring of 2022, Caroline moved home and accepted a position as the band director at the school where her love of music began. Meanwhile, Kevin secured his dream job as a software developer in Atlanta, as they continued a long-distance relationship. Caroline spent a wonderful year with family as she worked passionately to build the band program. She found that while it was an amazing gig with even more amazing kids, her dream of pursuing an administrative role, building a private clarinet studio, and living closer to Kevin was looming.  


The following year, Caroline would take the plunge to begin a life in Atlanta, and hasn’t looked back. She has found great fulfillment already within the music culture here in Atlanta, teaching clarinet and guitar at the Decatur Fine Arts Academy. As Caroline searched for administrative roles, joining the team at Functionize felt like a truly perfect fit. Here, she is able to bring her administrative and people skills to the table, commit to health and wellness in both her personal and professional life, and build relationships with community members from all different corners of the city. 


In her free time, Caroline loves cooking, trying new wines, practicing yoga, and supporting live music in the area. This year, she and Kevin are excited to adopt a dog and see more of what Atlanta has to offer!

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