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Get Results That Last

With Physical Therapy in Midtown Atlanta

Founder Lauren Sok started Functionize Health on a mission to change the narrative of the recovery and rehabilitation field.  Created out of frustration with the current healthcare model, she sought to establish a clinic that addresses the person as a whole and not just a part. Today, Functionize Health is Midtown Atlanta’s go-to source for holistic healing, physical therapy, and sports performance.

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Are you feeling burned out from the current healthcare model? Tired of being redirected from one provider to another? … Let’s chat..

Our healthcare system has progressed to a mere assembly line strategy.  With insurance companies so often dictating treatment courses, providers are forced to comply with set standards, and inevitably the quality of care gets impacted.  Here at Functionize Health in Midtown Atlanta, we chose to take insurance out of the mix and put you in the driver's seat.  We’re seeking to be leaders in the shift towards preventative care and provide services that aren’t just reactive but proactive as well.  Don’t wait for pain or injuries to occur to take control of your health.

One size fits all does not apply to healthcare

That is why we customize your treatment plan for YOU.  Every injury is unique and everybody responds differently to different strategies.  Our approach at Functionize is to work hand-in-hand to unveil your movement goals, identify the underlying cause of your pain and employ tailored treatments that work.  We take the time to figure out the movement puzzle and forgo short-term fixes for long-term solutions.  Forget repetitive steroid packs, injections, and unnecessary surgeries, we seek to uncover why your pain is present instead of masking it with superficial fixes.

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No one knows your body like YOU

Here at Functionize in Midtown Atlanta, we pride ourselves on being compassionate care providers and experts in the musculoskeletal system.  Our training has uniquely prepared us to enhance body mechanics, body awareness, and overall movement potential.  That said, we acknowledge that every person knows their body better than anyone else.  Human intuition is powerful and we harness that insight with a listening ear to help uncover where you may be lacking and where we can help you improve.


When we say results that last, we mean it.  If your pain returns after a year of treatment, we’ve failed.  Our goal is to rehabilitate, re-educate and return the power to you.  We will guide and support you through your healing process and give you the tools to keep yourself feeling well for years to come.


Take responsibility for your health

Generally, the people that are most successful are those that take accountability for their health instead of relying on others to change it for them.  Join the thousands of other men and women who have stepped through our doors in an effort to better their wellness and overall quality of life.  Recovery isn’t just physical. 


As a client at Functionize Health expect to receive:

Skilled manual treatments

Restorative exercise prescription

Mindset training

Strategies for self-management of symptoms

Preventative tools to stave off re-injury

Lifestyle changes to optimize your outcomes


When we say whole-body treatment, we mean it.  Our collaborative team includes physical therapists, nutritionists, Pilates instructors, and massage therapists who work together to get you the treatment you need and deserve to feel your best.

Here to meet you where you are, and guide you forward with tools and strategies that work.

Move with confidence with the help of the best physical therapy in Midtown Atlanta

If you’re ready to experience the Functionize difference, reclaim control of your body or take your movement to the next level, give us a call for a free discovery visit today.

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