Physical Therapy & Recovery in Atlanta, GA



Getting back to the life you love.

From injury recovery and nagging pains to stiffness and limited mobility, Functionize will dedicate our 20+ years of combined clinical expertise to helping you get back to being a fierce force of movement. Not big on “no” or “can’t”, our mission is to develop a custom treatment plan that gets you back to the you love as soon as possible. 



Telehealth Physical Therapy


Healthcare on demand? Swipe right! For individuals in the great state of Georgia, we offer telehealth physical therapy using a HIPAA-compliant video platform. Think of it as FaceTime with Functionize. If following your initial consultation, we both agree in-person care is the best next step, our team will put together a custom plan for you. 


The bread and butter of this operation, Functionize offers comprehensive cash-based orthopedic manual physical therapy for a dynamic array of clients. Here, one-on-one is standard practice with 50-min sessions chock full of advanced expertise, practical solutions and empathetic understanding all centered around you.  

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Postpartum & Pelvic Physical Therapy Atlanta GA


Your body is incredible, mama. Whether you are a mom-to-be, settling back into your post-baby self, or simply want to be the strongest shebeast your gym has ever seen, we are here to help you understand, love and ultimately functionize your body. 


Need a little body work? We got you covered. Often part of an individualized care plan, we will recommend dry needling to take care of trigger points, tight muscles and uncomfortable tension. Don’t stress - these needles are so tiny our patients rarely feel anything other than instant release and relief. 

Dry Needling in Atlanta GA
Physical Therapy & Recovery in Decatur GA


A tell-tale sign of tension taking its toll, clenched jaws and tight muscles around your ears and face can be obnoxious, exhausting and, worst of all, painful. If you start your day with a clicking/popping jaw and end it with a headache, you may be experiencing TMJ. Good news, physical therapy can help to alleviate your pain and discomfort. Starting with the top of your head and working our way down to your neck and shoulders, Functionize will calm those tight, taut muscles often to our clients’ immediate relief. 



If the world literally has you spinning, we need to talk. Regardless of age or activity level, dizziness and imbalance will throw you off. More than a nuisance, this condition can cause nausea, fatigue, anxiety and, frankly, adversely affect your quality of life. Vestibular rehabilitation is a special form of physical therapy that focuses on the inner ear, which is often at the root of visual disturbance and vertigo. Starting with a thorough evaluation to understand what’s at the core of your symptoms, the Functionize team will help you to firmly find your feet. 

Vestibular Rehabilitation in Atlanta GA
Redcord Neurac in Decatur GA


One of our favorite tools in the Functionize arsenal, the Redcord Neurac system uses bungees and cords to suspend your body and allow you to move more freely and with less pain. This tool helps restore proper alignment and neuromuscular control that speeds up treatment time and helps restore full function. Often part of a comprehensive care plan, the Redcord Neurac is an awesomely low impact way to take your performance to the next level.