The "whole human" approach.

Beyond proactive prevention and physical therapy, Functionize looks at you as a whole human to help determine the best course of action and custom care plan to help you become a force of movement. 


Occasionally, this means looking outside of our initial service lines to get you the care you need. We mean what we say about being a holistic health and wellness center - if it’s not something we do directly, we will find, connect and coordinate with the expertise you need to live your best life.  




Although fitness and training will get you far, how you fuel your body is the foundation on which your house of health is built. From anti-inflammatory diets to curb symptoms of chronic conditions to foods that can help get your hormones back in balance, proper nutrition is a strong cornerstone for your personal care plan. Spearheaded by registered dietitian Allyson Balzuweit, MPH, RDN/LD, our nutrition consulting program is all about finding the right nourishment to fuel your fire. 


Often thought of as a luxury or indulgence, massage therapy is an essential therapy tool for relieving pain, alleviating stiffness and releasing tension. The added benefits of relaxation, inner-peace and stress relief are nothing to sneeze at either. 


Whether all that desk time has your shoulders screaming or you’re recovering from an athletic event, massage therapy will likely work wonders for your overall wellness. At Functionize, we assess and address you as a whole human ensuring you get the message therapy you need to be your best mentally and physically. 


We’ve been around for a hot minute and take holistic healthcare seriously. If what you need is not what we do in-house, our team is here to help you find the support you need to functionize your life. Peruse our Resource Center for the extensive expertise we can help coordinate to be in your corner.