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At Functionize, we believe in a complete approach to health and wellness that spans from proactive prevention and mobility preservation to comprehensive recovery for the everyday athlete.


Bringing decades of expertise, a dynamic approach, creative methodology and holistic perspective to each and every client, we focus on four main competencies that come together to help you go from feeling hesitant and hopeless to becoming a force of movement.


As a Functionize client, you will enjoy a high-touch, empathetic experience coupled with a custom, comprehensive care plan designed just for the wonder that is you. Never a number, our patients are treated like family with a dedicated team in their corner from start to full-function. 

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    Being proactive in maintaining your health and wellness is the best form of therapy. Whether you are an avid athlete looking to unleash your peak performance or an active individual who simply wants to enjoy life to the fullest, our team has you covered. 

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    From injury recovery and nagging pains to limited mobility, Functionize will dedicate our 20+ years of combined clinical expertise to helping you get back to the activity...sport...gym...life you love as soon as possible. 

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    Beyond proactive prevention and physical therapy, Functionize is truly a holistic wellness center looking at you as a whole human to help determine the best course of action and custom care plan to help you become a force of movement. 

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    From mentorship programs to conventional business consulting, Functonize welcomes spreading the good word on cash-based physical therapy and why it’s the only route for practitioners committed to resolving the root cause of pain and limitation. 



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