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The 5 Point Check Up
With Our Atlanta Physical Therapy Team

Proactive care is the future of wellness—and the key to avoiding preventable health challenges so you can get the best out of life!

Join us at Functionize, where our physical therapists help active adults avoid injury using our forward-thinking bi-annual exam: The 5 Point Check Up.

The 5 Point Check Up is a bi-annual,
60 minute, one-on-one session with a board-certified physical therapist in Decatur or Dunwoody, GA. It's your opportunity to check in with a movement expert—so you can keep moving without getting slowed down by avoidable health hiccups.

This innovative examination was designed to help people gain access to personally meaningful information about their bodies, movement, and overall well-being. We help patients get clear about their current health and develop purposeful action steps for better wellness throughout the lifespan.

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Why Schedule an Annual Check-Up With a Physical Therapist?

You seem pretty responsible. You probably even see your dentist once or twice a year. In fact, you probably still see your dentist every year even if your teeth are generally healthy. Why? Because you want to keep them that way—and because you know that a small upfront investment in your oral health can save you a lot of time, money, and energy in the future.


Yeah. It's like that. (Except we won't clean your teeth.)

What we will do is take you through a battery of thoughtfully curated tests to help you develop a comprehensive picture of your musculoskeletal, neurological, and cardiorespiratory systems as they are now and over time.

Introducing The 5 Points


Body Scan

Using the InBody Composite Scanner, we measure things like lean muscle mass, fat, and other metrics that serve as valuable indicators of your health.


Neurological Screen

We test your eye movement, sensation, reflexes, and other components of nervous system function.



Range of Motion

We assess the mobility of your major joints and connective tissues, and find out where you're lacking in range of motion (and if so, why).



Movement Screen

We'll guide you through a functional movement analysis (FMA) to evaluate your unique strengths and weaknesses and understand your body as a dynamic system.


Fitness Test

We capture your cardiovascular system's response to physical stress and use this data as a baseline for your activity tolerance and recovery.

We value our time—so we won't waste yours. Discover what one hour can reveal about your physical health.

Our 5 Point Check Up is ideal for any adult who is ready to:


  • Take a look "under the hood" in order to identify possible health issues before they become bigger problems

  • Gain specific insight about what can be done to improve health

  • Systematically monitor health over time and make appropriate modifications to maximize function and independence

  • Skip the downtime, headaches, and added expenses of acute or chronic issues

  • Minimize barriers to care by initiating earlier treatment, as necessary

  • Stop relying only on "reactive" treatments and focus instead on proactive wellness

  • Grow older with greater peace of mind!

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​Ready to Schedule Your 5 Point Check Up?

It's time to stop thinking about your friendly local PT as the person you call only after you're already in pain. At Functionize, our Atlanta physical therapist team is here to support you at every and any stage of your health journey and help you stay as pain-free as possible.

Call or text us at 404.907.4196, or send us an email at to schedule your 5 Point Check Up today!

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