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John is a dedicated Physical Therapist with a passion for helping individuals reclaim their mobility and strength so they can lead healthier lives. Guided by a belief in human potential and the transformative power of encouragement, John is committed to providing everyday athletes with the tools they need to surpass their perceived limitations. 


John’s philosophy centers around the idea that every individual possesses untapped potential. He firmly believes that health should know no boundaries – everyone deserves the opportunity to receive the undivided attention of a healthcare provider who supports that person’s needs and goals. Growing up, thanks to the unwavering influence of his family, John was instilled with the value of giving his full effort in everything he pursued. John’s belief in the power of determination and hard work has shaped not only his work ethic but also his perspective on helping others. It's a value he carries with him into his interactions with patients, where he strives to encourage them to tap into their own reservoirs of potential. 


John embarked on his journey in the world of health and wellness at the University of Georgia, where he earned his undergraduate degree in exercise and sports science. When he arrived at UGA, he knew that health and wellness was important to him, but he was not sure which path was right for him. After attending a seminar given by a Physical Therapist and seeing all the benefits a PT could provide, he knew this profession was for him. Furthering his education and passion, John earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy from High Point University, equipping him with the knowledge and skills to make a meaningful impact on people's lives. 


As a true fitness enthusiast, you'll often find John engaged in various physical activities. From hitting the pavement during invigorating runs to challenging himself with weight lifting sessions, he understands the importance of maintaining a strong and healthy body. 


Beyond the clinic and the gym, John is an avid Atlanta Braves fan, cheering them on with unwavering enthusiasm for every game. Additionally, he is a devoted follower of University of Georgia football, which makes college football season one of his favorite times of the year. 


Exploring the world alongside his beloved wife is a treasured aspect of John’s life. John and his wife make it a priority to embark on a new adventure each year, discovering new cultures, cuisines, and landscapes. Closer to home, they cherish moments spent walking their furry pup, Rusty, or reuniting with family located both here in Atlanta and further south on the Gulf for a nice and relaxing weekend.


Whether it's guiding patients through rehabilitative exercises, cheering on his favorite sports teams, exploring new cultures, or advocating for unlimited access to healthcare, his journey is fueled by a passion for making a positive impact in the lives of others. He truly believes that we can work together to redefine what's possible.



  • B.S. in Exercise and Sports Science, University of Georgia, 2014

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), High Point University, 2021

  • Trigger Point Dry Needling

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