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Leslie is a dedicated and experienced physical therapist with over two decades of expertise in the field.  Originally hailing from Upstate New York, she has embraced a dynamic life, moving every four years in her formative years, which has greatly enhanced her ability to connect with a wide variety of people. This nomadic lifestyle has also provided Leslie with the opportunity to live overseas, further enriching exposure to cultural diversity.

Leslie's journey in the world of physical therapy began over 20 years ago, driven by an unwavering commitment to helping individuals regain their strength, mobility and quality of life after seeing her brother recover from a traumatic knee injury.   Since graduating from Georgia State University with her Master's in Physical Therapy, she has acquired a diverse background encompassing orthopedics, post-operative rehabilitation, aquatics, and geriatrics.

What sets Leslie apart is her passion for guiding patients on a transformative journey from despair to triumph. She believes in the power of rehabilitation to not only heal the body but also to uplift the spirit.  Leslie has witnessed countless individuals start their therapeutic journey believing their injury was insurmountable, only to witness them achieve goals they once thought impossible.  

In the realm of orthopedics, Leslie has honed her skills to address a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, helping patients recover strength and mobility after surgeries or injuries.  She is ASTYM and Dry Needling Certified and her expertise extends to post-operative rehabilitation, where she designs customized programs to expedite recovery and enhance overall well-being.

Leslie's unique background of relocating every four years and living overseas has instilled in her a profound appreciation for cultural diversity, allowing her to connect with patients from all walks of life and tailor their care accordingly. She understands that each patient's journey is unique, and she approaches her work with an open mind and a commitment to individualized care.

Additionally, Leslie has a deep appreciation for geriatric care, understanding the unique challenges faced by elderly patients. She enjoys creating a plan of care to improve the quality of life for seniors by developing functionally tailored rehabilitation plans that focus on maintaining independence and enhancing overall vitality.

Beyond her career, Leslie is a proud mother of two boys and can be found on weekends on the soccer sidelines or in the stands cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs alongside her husband. She considers herself an everyday athlete with a love for running and swimming. Leslie has seen her share of setbacks and injuries throughout the years, but views these challenges as a way to connect with her clients who are also overcoming obstacles.  However, as her kids will soon be leaving the nest, Leslie eagerly awaits more free time to resume the activities she enjoys. 



  • B.S. in Business from State University of New York Geneseo

  • Masters in Physical Therapy from Georgia State University, 2003


  • Trigger Point Dry Needling

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