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Get back in the game with volleyball-specific rehabilitation at Functionize Health

Don’t let injuries hold you back

Our dedicated staff is ready to help you heal, recover and excel on and off the court.

Offering one-on-one volleyball-specific assessment and treatment, our skilled team of physical therapists specializes in the management of athletes.  Ready to experience the Functionize difference? Here’s what to expect:

  • Holistic evaluation and treatment strategies that take into account the multidimensional contributors to overall wellness including sleep quality, nut

  • rition, potential stressors and training intervals

  • A comprehensive biomechanical examination and collaborative goal setting 

  • Individualized, skilled hands-on treatment to facilitate change, expedite recovery and bring you back better than ever

  • Video analysis and technology integration to optimize your motor patterns both on and off the court


Functionize your performance


Whether you’re looking for injury prevention, physical therapy or sports performance, we’ve got you covered.


Regardless if you are a middle school rec player or collegiate-level athlete, we are here to help you jump, connect and move with efficiency.  Drawing on biomechanics expertise and skilled examination, we help break down the problem and identify the cause of your issues.  We work collaboratively to set and achieve sports-specific goals, rid you of your pain and unleash your highest athletic potential.

Let us show you how Functionize offers the best sports-specific physical therapy for volleyball athletes in the Atlanta, GA area


Get Ready to Break it Down

From serving to blocking, attack options to defensive skills, we’re here to break it all down, evaluate your movement strategies and retrain your patterns to keep you safe and healthy for years to come.  We understand the unique physical demands of volleyball and provide tailored top-level care and sport-specific training to replicate athletic performance.

Our customized treatment plans are all about YOU.  Whether you’re coming to us following surgery or looking to prevent injury, we provide comprehensive treatment offerings to correct, rehabilitate and enhance your movement


  Dry needling 

  Myofascial cupping

  Therapeutic corrective exercises 

  Injury prevention

  Manual  therapy


  Healing modalities 

  Functional retraining 

  Sports performance

From rolling strategies to hitting efficiency to transitional agility, our volleyball-specific rehabilitation is all-inclusive.  We’re here to improve your mechanics and enhance your performance.  Don’t let injury or less-than-optimal movement hold you back from being the best volleyball athlete you can be.  

Hit your stride, spike your pain aside and unleash your potential within

Ready to ace your rehabilitation and sports performance? If you or a loved one is looking for top-level volleyball-specific rehabilitation in the Atlanta area, contact us at 404-907-4196 to set up an evaluation.

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