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Improve Your Game With a Titleist Performance Institute Assessment
In Atlanta, GA and Surrounding Areas

If you love to golf but feel like your swing could use a second look

Connect with our Atlanta physical therapy team at Functionize. Our golf assessments combine the tools of the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) with the expertise and strategies of golf-centric physical therapists, helping active adults like you resolve your swing and movement faults, so you can hit the links with more energy and less pain.

Golf in's kind of a thing

But just because the sport is low-impact doesn't mean it's risk-free.


Many golfers we work with have pain and stiffness in the neck, spine, shoulder, elbow, or hip. These symptoms are often rooted in inefficient movement patterns that show up during the game itself. Or they might be the end result of pre-existing postural imbalances that someone brings with them onto the course.


Plenty of other golfers within our community already play completely pain-free, but simply want an edge that will help them improve their performance!


It doesn't matter how golf fits into your life—whether it's an occasional perk, a valuable networking opportunity, or a beloved hobby. Our Atlanta physical therapy team is here to help you improve the safety and effectiveness of your technique so you can get as much fulfillment out of the sport as possible.


The Functionize Golf Assessment

When you hit a good swing, you know it by feel. This embodied awareness is exactly what our Atlanta physical therapist staff helps you tap into during our Golf Assessment.


After observing your natural swing, we'll use our professional insights plus innovative audiovisual technology to provide real-time feedback on your technique. We'll then take a step back to assess and address any other areas of your body and movement that could be holding you back using a TPI screen.


Finally, we'll help you devise a personalized plan—including skill-specific drills, exercises, stretches, and manual therapy techniques—to improve your movement mechanics, energy efficiency, and overall start-to-finish form, from set-up to follow through.

Preparing For Your First Visit? Here's What to Bring:

  • Your favorite 5-iron as well as your golf shoes.

  • Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.

  • Your biggest golf-related "would love to's." Your Functionize experience is guided by your goals!

Most importantly, come with the willingness to work. With our Golf Assessment, we're not "fixing" anything for you. We're offering a comprehensive and supportive environment for you to take charge of your own health and wellness!



We don't need to go heavy on the golf puns when our clients' results speak for themselves

Any golf enthusiast understands that the game requires an elegant combination of stability, mobility, power, and control. Professionals "make it look easy" because they've mastered these elements.


Maybe you'll never get to the PGA, but you can get closer to your golfing potential with purposeful practice. From drives to chip shots to putts, expect to see your golf technique become more refined and effective...without ever being told by us to stop golfing. We see how much our community loves staying active, and we're committed to helping all our clients keep moving—every day!

​Do you sense that something's "off" with your golf swing—but can't quite put your finger on it?

Call Functionize at 404.907.4196, email us at, or click the button below to schedule your first Discovery visit and TPI assessment at our wellness studio in Dunwoody, Decatur, or Atlanta GA.

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