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Diastasis Recti Physical Therapy
In Atlanta, GA

Diastasis recti (you may know it as ab separation) happens when the space between the "six-pack" muscles on the front of your stomach gets wider.

It can cause physical changes that may put a damper on your daily life—and your everyday confidence.

With our always individualized, thoughtfully designed plans of care, our team at Functionize Health & Physical Therapy can help you heal your ab separation, so you can move forward in wellness and feel like yourself again. Get in touch with us now to discover diastasis recti physical therapy in Atlanta, GA for yourself.

A couple quick details about diastasis:

  • Ab separation is super common in pregnant and postpartum women, whose bodies go through major physical and hormonal changes as they literally GROW HUMANS. (We'll never not be impressed about that.) In fact, virtually all pregnant people experience ab separation to some degree. Some of us just need a little extra help healing those stretched out tissues after giving birth.

  • Diastasis recti can happen in people who've never been pregnant, too, including men. Anything that causes increased pressure in the abdomen can make the tissues on the front of the belly stretch out.

  • Ab separation looks and feels different in different people, but many folks notice things like back pain, leaking urine while sneezing or coughing, constipation, pain during intimacy, altered posture, and a bulging or dome-like appearance on their stomach.

diastasis recti diagram.jpg

Ab separation is NOT:

  • Something to be ashamed or embarrassed about

  • Something you "just have to learn to live with"

  • Something that can only be "fixed" with surgery

  • Something that will forever keep you from the activities you love—not if there's anything we can do about it!

At Funtionize, we help people with diastasis recti heal their core and reclaim their wellness. We'd love to help you too.

We're here to help you heal, inside and out. At Functionize, that process begins by helping you get clear about what you want to achieve, and giving you the permission (if you're looking for it!) to envision your body at its best...whatever that looks and feels like to YOU.

Want to look better and feel more comfortable in your skin?

Want to get back to weightlifting, cycling, tennis, CrossFit, or other activities you've had to put on pause?

Want to resolve issues related to your ab separation, like constipation, bloating, painful sex, leaking urine when you sneeze, or a visible bulge or "pooch"?

Want to be able to pick up around the house, play with your kids, or focus on your career or sport without having to worry about what your stomach is doing?

Photo Jun 27, 2 37 40 PM.jpg

Whether you're looking for improved function, improved aesthetics, or both, we are here for it! Let us help you develop the skills, habits, knowledge, and mindset to heal your core and rediscover all the things you LOVE about your life—without diastasis holding you back.

  Do You Have  
  Diastasis Recti?  

Here's your invitation to see how deeply your body can heal itself when given the right tools, exercises, and support—in an unmatched environment of active adults who share the common goal of living, feeling, and functioning with excellence!

If you're ready to experience personalized physical therapy for diastasis recti in Atlanta, GA, call Functionize at 404.907.4196 to schedule your first Discovery visit, or send us an email at

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