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TMJ Physical Therapy
in Dunwoody, Decatur, and Atlanta GA

For folks who are too busy enjoying their lives to let jaw pain hold them back

Pop Quiz: Can You Find Your TMJ?

A quick anatomy lesson:

Place your fingers just ahead of your ears. Open and close your mouth. Those joints you feel moving are your temporomandibular joints.

Their job is to connect your lower jaw bone to your skull. When working well, your temporomandibular joints allow you to talk and eat and sing and laugh and blow bubbles—totally pain-free.

TMJ dysfunction—sometimes called TMJ syndrome or simply "TMJ"—develops when the muscle, nerves, and other tissues supporting these joints become damaged or disordered.

TMJ-Image 1-.jpg

Do these symptoms sound familiar? You could have a testy TMJ

  • Pain in the jaw that may radiate into the head, face, neck, and shoulders

  • Stiffness and reduced mobility in the jaw

  • The feeling that your jaw is about to lock

  • Clicks, pops, or grating sensations in your jaw

  • Misalignment of the upper and lower teeth

Symptoms like these can come and go—but when they're around, they can be super uncomfortable. Functionize offers TMJ treatment in Decatur, Dunwoody, and Atlanta, GA that gets you efficient and noticeable symptom relief.

And we try not to stop there.

TMJ symptoms often don't show up alone

Here's something we love about human bodies (including yours): signs and symptoms act like road signs. If we pay attention to them, we usually can find our way to the root issues of our health concerns—exactly where we want to start if we're looking for true healing.

TMJ dysfunction is a great example. Many people who come to us with signs and symptoms of TMJ issues also have chronic fatigue, mood disorders, fibromyalgia, or similar conditions. Their stress levels are often elevated. They often have unexamined posture problems that repeatedly strain their TMJ and neck.


These correlated issues aren't coincidence. They are your body's way, in its imminent wisdom, to tell you that something's off. At Functionize, we help you listen and respond to your body using a holistic, YOU-centered approach—so you can make sure your health stays on the right track.


TMJ Treatment: What to Expect

Whether your TMJ issues "came out of nowhere" or are related to a specific incident such as a car accident, our physical therapists can help. Enjoy personalized TMJ treatment in 50-60 minute sessions, featuring one-on-one services like:

  • Full body postural screen and functional assessment

  • Hands-on manual therapy techniques

  • Dry needling

  • Gentle exercises to help with posture, core stability, and more

  • Educational discussions about topics like stress managemen

We know you're laser-focused on finding lasting solutions to your TMJ pain. Let us walk with you and help you restore health using the right selection of services for your body.

​Looking for a TMJ Physical Therapy Team You Can Trust?

At Functionize, we take our role as local wellness providers very seriously—and have a lot of fun while we're at it! If you're concerned about TMJ symptoms and are ready to experience results in a healing, inviting, and engaging environment, contact our physical therapy clinic today at 404.907.4196 to schedule your initial Discovery visit.

You can also get in touch with a TMJ specialist in Atlanta by emailing or clicking the button below.

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