Talking Queen, Mouth of the South, Chatty Kathy - she’s heard it all. So, it came as no surprise to her parents when Mary Kathleen decided to bid farewell to her business classes at Auburn University and head over to the Liberal Arts side of campus for the journalism program. She’s always loved having an audience to tell stories to and writing has given her a creative outlet to do just that.


Before joining the  Functionize team, Mary Kathleen was a patient giving her the up-close-and-personal-perspective on the team’s unique approach to health and wellness. Today she enjoys being on the front lines of a novel approach to healthcare and spreading the good word on her Functionize family.  


Prior to moving to Atlanta in 2017, she was living the small-town life in Auburn, AL (War Eagle!) writing features for a nationally distributed hog hunting magazine for a year before jumping into the marketing world of women's contemporary fashion for a major online boutique. 


Because of her diverse résumé, Mary Kathleen has learned the importance of the power that can come with owning your voice while also remaining versatile. From wildlife to clothing trends to functional health, this verbal vixen is prepared educate her audience as well as herself.


Mary Kathleen lives in Atlanta with her husband, dogs Cotton & Burlap, and cat Knuckles. They are slowly updating a mid-century modern home and will gladly accept any tips or references you may have in regards to home projects. Mary Kathleen is also the owner of an online boutique for women’s contemporary clothing called Velvet + Vine, which just launched October 2019!