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Functionize: Setting the Standard for Physical Therapy in Buckhead

Where your well-being is our commitment

Here at Functionize in Buckhead, our team is dedicated to your health, your progress and your empowerment.  Located in north Atlanta, we offer physical therapy, pilates, nutritional support and sports performance for athletes of all ages.  Ready to prioritize your wellness?  We’ve got you.  Forget cookie-cutter, assembly-line treatments.  We truly set the standard through an individualized, practical and holistic one-on-one approach that gives you sustainable solutions.

Get back to living and enjoy the wonder that
pain-free movement can bring.

Frustrated by the current healthcare climate? Feeling discouraged from failed treatments?

We get it.  With insurance companies prioritizing efficient versus effective care, many practitioners are losing sight of what patient-centered care really means.  Offering a cash-based system, you can finally be in the driver’s seat of your health.  Working collaboratively, we can help you achieve your goals and be your best self without the binds of insurance limitations or timelines.

Here at Functionize in Buckhead, our goal is to correct dysfunction, reduce your symptoms and unleash your movement potential.  Especially as an athlete, never settle for 80% improvement.  Let us take you to full recovery and help you come back better than ever.


What We Offer:

Whole person, whole-body approach

As a human being, you deserve to be treated as a whole not a part.  We understand that wellness is multi-faceted and involves achieving homeostasis of the system as a whole.  Let us guide you into symptom relief and get to the root cause of the issue so you can stay well and stay active for years to come.

Empowerment through patient education

As movement experts, we are here to help you take control of your health. Feel your best so you can be your best with the Functionize difference. Our team is ready and waiting with an approach that’s centered around long-lasting results.  Join us as we educate, retrain, empower and prevent future injuries from holding you back.

A supportive environment that cultivates change

Healing isn’t always easy but we’re here to guide you through the hard stuff.  Be prepared to change your mindset, achieve your movement potential and grow your confidence both in movement and in life.


Experience the Functionize difference firsthand

Get ready to join our community of athletes and dedicated team members that are prepared to support your healing journey.  From physical therapy to nutritional support, Pilates to massage therapy, we offer collaborative services to keep you on your feet and in the game.

Physical therapy with results that last.
Take New Leaps With Our Physical Therapy Team in Buckhead

If you’re tired of being in pain, frustrated by your movement limitations or simply looking to take the next step in your wellness journey, give us a call at 404-907-4196 to schedule your first discovery visit. 

Unleash the best version of you, with help from Functionize in Buckhead.

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