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Physical Therapy Near Me

The choice to do physical therapy is one of the best healthcare decisions you can make, offering a multitude of advantages. 

This safe, cost-effective and highly effective approach can aid in pain management and helps ensure long-lasting health benefits.  Looking for the best physical therapy services near you? Look no further than Functionize Health.

Why Functionize Health?

Here at Functionize, our physical therapists are experts in movement. Equipped with a compassionate approach and advanced training, Functionize clinicians possess the expertise and knowledge to deliver top-quality care and help you achieve your goals. Through a comprehensive assessment and one-on-one treatment plans, you can have full confidence in our holistic approach that helps you recover, prevent future injuries and perform at your best.

Opting for physical therapy over more invasive and costly interventions such as surgery or injections, allows you to get to the root cause of your dysfunction and can save you thousands of dollars throughout your treatment journey.  Forget short term-fixes and interventional band-aids and get yourself results that actually last.

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Break free from pain and get back to living with the best physical therapy near you.

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What to Expect

Our team of experts at Functionize prioritizes active listening, goal-setting and personalized treatment planning to maximize your well-being and address your specific pain or injury.  From your initial evaluation to your final visit, our commitment is to support your progress and optimize your recovery. 

Our comprehensive suite of specialized services includes everything from physical therapy to nutritional support to private Pilates classes.  We understand that in order to be successful, each individual must be treated as a whole instead of a part, which is why we prioritize your overall well-being in our holistic strategy.

Experience the most trusted physical therapy near you. 
A Change From the Status Quo

Our mission is to depart from the traditional healthcare model employing proactive versus reactive strategies.  We treat individuals of all ages and activity levels but cater to those that are prioritizing their health and looking for something different.  Our cash-based model removes the crippling limitations of insurance companies, ensures full transparency and allows us to focus on treatment when and where you need it.

Relief and results that last

Let us help you regain control of your health.  If you’re an active individual or looking to restore your activity and performance, we are here for you. Transform your life and get back to doing what you love with the help of our team of experts here at Functionize Health.

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