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the pilates studio (without the studio)

Does Pilates seem intimidating to you?

 Have you tried a Pilates class but felt you couldn't keep up with all the cues?
Did you have pain after a class because it was too advanced for your level? 

If this sounds like you, our Pilates video workout series is a perfect way to add core strength and stability to our fitness regimen. 

Designed by Physical Therapist and Certified Pilates instructor, Lauren Sok, this three video beginner series will teach you the basic principles of Pilates. Utilizing the Essential Matwork repertoire, each video builds on the other to progress your understanding and ability to perform Pilates safely and effectively. This is great as a supplement workout to your current routine, or as a stand alone workout in your weekly fitness plan!

Get unlimited access to three 30 minute videos to be completed anytime, anywhere. Just $15.99 for 90 minutes of workouts taught by a certified STOTT Pilates instructor with over 9 years of Pilates training experience.


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