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Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy in  Atlanta GA.

Feel Strong and Confident in Your Body Again.

Incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunctions can be sensitive subjects.  But did you know that a quarter to a third of Americans are thought to suffer from some form of urinary incontinence? That represents millions of Americans, many of whom are suffering in silence.


But suffer no longer.  Here at Functionize Health  in Decatur, Dunwoody, and Atlanta, GA our team of pelvic health experts is ready to help restore your pelvic function and give you back the confidence you deserve.

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You're Not Alone.

Who Could Benefit from Pelvic Physical Therapy?

Pelvic floor physical therapy at Functionize PT is suitable for anyone who is experiencing either bladder or bowel incontinence or looking to improve their pelvic health. Perhaps you recently gave birth, are going through menopause, or are simply tired of your poor bladder control.  Whatever your reason, we are here to help.

What Constitutes the Pelvic Floor?

The pelvic floor is a collection of muscles that make up the anatomical floor of the pelvis.  They stretch from the pelvic bone in the front to the tailbone at the rear and support several structures including the urethra, vagina, and rectum.  Collectively the pelvic floor helps coordinate bladder and bowel function and when things go awry, individuals can end up with pelvic pain, muscle spasms, and poor bladder and bowel control.  Pelvic PT at Functionize helps improve symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction and guides patients down the path to recovery.

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Pelvic Physical Therapy: What to Expect.

Every patient entering our doors for pelvic therapy should expect individualized treatment in a private one-on-one setting with a specially trained physical therapist.  We work with you to develop a personalized program that matches your needs and helps you work towards your goals. Treatment is multi-faceted with various strategies incorporated to strengthen, relax and re-educate various muscle groups to help your system work more efficiently. 


A typical session may include any combination of the following:

Manual techniques

Lifestyle and behavioral modifications

Core strengthening 

Pelvic floor muscle re-education

Electrical stimulation

Get back to a leak-free life with support from providers that care.

Our leading value is compassion, approaching each client with the respect and privacy they deserve.  Our practitioners will work with you to keep you comfortable, improve your symptoms, and educate you on techniques that ensure long-lasting results.  Life is short.  Don’t let pelvic dysfunction stop you from leading a fulfilling, confident, and long-lasting life.

Your Health Matters.

Your health matters and we are here to help.  Don’t let shame or embarrassment hold you back from getting the care you deserve.  Restore your function, relieve your symptoms, and regain confidence in your body with the help of pelvic floor physical therapy.


Ready to experience the Functionize difference firsthand? Give us a call today and experience compassionate, expert-led pelvic care that works.

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