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Saturday Hours

For the everyday athlete, time can be a difficult thing to come by. I have a house, a wife, and 2 dogs and already feel like I barely have any time on my hands. Some of the time that is left, I need to take care of myself, and I believe that should be the same for everyone! To be active throughout your life, it’s so important to take time to care for your body. Whether it’s for training to run a half marathon, looking to get stronger in the gym, or every day things like doing yard work and taking care of your family and carrying around kids. That’s why we are offering Saturday hours at Functionize, so you can make the most of your time and take care of yourself too!

Now treating every other Saturday, I am able to offer some additional availability to the every-day athlete. I have a personal interest in treating runners, but I also love being able to treat anything that will get people back to doing the things they enjoy. So if you want a specific plan moving forward on how to become pain-free at whatever you love doing, come see me during Saturday hours in Dunwoody!

Thanks for reading,

Andrew Maddox PT, DPT

Originally interested in architecture, Andrew loves getting to know people personally and helping them achieve their goals through that engineering mentality of human movement. He loves to celebrate all his patients' accomplishments and takes your experiences and viewpoints into consideration with every decision made to help you become your best, pain-free self. Andrew lives in Stone Mountain Village with his wife, Stephanie. They have 2 dogs: Chipper (Lab mix) and Benji (Corgi/Blue Heeler). They enjoy a long walk in the park, camping, sporting events, and visiting coffee shops in the Atlanta area. You can catch him running with the Dunwoody Road Runners group to combine his passion with creating community.

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