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Functionize is a private-pay physical therapy and wellness center serving active adults and athletes across the Greater Atlanta Area. 


Built on the foundation of understanding human experience, offering practical solutions and insisting on an individualized approach, Functionize empowers you to take control of your health and wellness today so you may thrive and enjoy your best years ahead.


Beyond the quick fix or cursory diagnosis, we exist to find the core cause of your limitation or pain and employ a comprehensive, custom care plan to free your full physical potential. 


Whether you are an athlete progressing towards peak performance, parents looking to keep up with their kids, believe age is just a number, or simply want to get back to your active lifestyle again, Functionize is here to help you enjoy the epitome of your functional movement. 


You were made to move – together, we can make that happen.

Are you ready to live your life to the fullest?  




“I had a great experience at Functionize. The staff there is very friendly and helpful, and Owner/Therapist Lauren Sok was a key component of me achieving my physical goals. With a personalized exercise plan and a few regular visits, I was motivated to stay on track and could really see my progress every few weeks.


I'll admit I almost didn't schedule my first visit. With my family on a budget, I wasn't sure I could justify the expense. But with encouragement from my husband that this was what I needed, I can say now that it was TOTALLY worth it to improve my physical state and even inadvertently get me back on track with just regular exercise. The accountability alone was beneficial -- and then add on the friendly, personalized guidance and exercise plan from Lauren and it was perfect.


Thanks Functionize crew!” 


—  Cyndi L.

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