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It’s that time of year again...THE HOLIDAYS

For some, those two words are anxiety inducing; for others it “sparks joy.” Either way it’s coming, and coming fast. Work needs wrapping up. Holiday parties are raging every weekend. Gifts need to be bought. Family is on the way, whether you like it or not. And mountains of delicious food and drinks are about to be consumed.

The holidays can be a stressful time and become the perfect storm for you to “fall off” and forget yourself and your goals. These “Holiday Hiccups” can make you feel like you’ve lost progress and are even starting over. Most of the time this happens because routines are dismantled.

Don’t lose your routine!

My least favorite trendy saying is “New Year; New Me.” This mentality almost always results in failure. When people try to start a new pattern of living in the new year, the changes they make are often so radical and unmanageable that by the time February rolls around the result is more like “New Year; Same Me.”

So, I am issuing an ANTI-HOLIDAY HICCUP CHALLENGE! *alarm sounds*

This challenge will not only keep you accountable, but will force you to maintain your routine.

You’ve heard of the 12 Days Of Christmas? Well what about the 12 Days of Fit-mas? This is the Jake-Triple-Approved-Wellness-Maintenance-Program. Leading up to Christmas Day, I want you to follow these exercises and health suggestions to make sure that your health is maintained and that you stay on top of your goals. The format is easy. Every day you will have an exercise routine or wellness suggestion to be performed. Build upon it each day to create the ultimate ANTI-HOLIDAY HICCUP CHALLENGE!

Without further ado: on the first day of Fit-Mas my PT gave to me…

DAYS (Beginning on 12/16/22)

1 mile walking | get out there and move!

2 sets of turtles | 2x30 with 1:00 rest between sets

3 french presses | 3x10 french presses

4 birds of dogging | 4x10 birddogs with 1:00 rest between sets

5 sets of burpees | 5x5 with 1-min rest between

6 minutes planking | 3x0:30 in each of the 4 positions

7 sets of swimmers | 7x8 with 0:30-1:00 rest between

8 hours sleeping | get your snooze on!

9 glasses of drinking | consume 9x10oz glasses throughout the day

10 lords leaping | 10x5 box jumps with 0:30-1:00 between sets

11 PVCs piping | 11 reps of overhead mobility stretching; PVC mobility

12 drummers drumming | 12 sets of x 6 battle ropes or dumbbells drumming

This mini program will help you avoid the Holiday Hiccups and catapult you into 2023! Now, it’s not “New Year; New Me,” but “New Year; Consistent Me.”

I challenge you to join me in this mini holiday challenge!

Thanks for reading!

Jake Reynolds, PT, DPT, OCS

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