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Master Your Running With Physical Therapy in Atlanta GA

At Functionize, our Atlanta physical therapist staff works with runners of all ages and ability levels

With nearly 30 years of combined experience—and a total commitment to get to know each patient's unique story—our team offers an unparalleled approach to helping people improve their stride, hit new personal records, and leave pain behind.

Is Your Running Program Up to Speed?

 Most running programs lack at least three key elements:

  1. A comprehensive understanding of running form and how it can contribute to pesky and persistent injuries

  2. A personalized approach to training that targets prime muscles and breathing mechanics necessary for efficient running

  3. A proper recovery plan designed to repair muscles and improve tissue mobility so sidelining injuries don’t creep up

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Functionize is one of the only places where Atlanta runners can go for a professional running assessment using POSE METHOD analysis – the industry standard of running assessments

Here's what to expect:

  • A detailed history taking to ensure the PT understands prior injuries, underlying health conditions, and goals/motivations for running

  • A comprehensive POSE METHOD running analysis that focuses on the 3 key factors of pain-free running performance: Pose, Fall, & Pull

  • A battery of essential tests that help determine your readiness to run, PLUS:

    • A personalized running program

    • Specific running drills for workouts

    • Running warm up

Our 5-Session process breaks down running education and application into simple forms:

  • Session 1: history, evaluation, filming, and introduction of concepts

  • Session 2: pain reduction via “pose”

  • Session 3: run faster via “falling”

  • Session 4: run longer via “pulling”

  • Session 5: re-evaluation, filming, program introduction

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Gearing up for your first visit? Come prepared:

  • Wear or bring the clothes you usually run in, including a T-shirt, shorts, or joggers. Pro tip: tops and bottoms with contrasting colors are ideal for filming!

  • Wear or bring the shoes you usually run in. We'll observe you running in real-time and assess the wear patterns on your shoes to help us pinpoint any hidden technique or postural issues.

  • Write down any information that will help us help YOU. This includes any past running injuries or general sports injuries you've had, previous races and race times, current questions, and any running goals you're FIRED UP about, including future race dates!

Functionize: the perfect pit stop for your best running yet

Whether you can benefit from personalized home exercises and stretches, manual therapy, or modalities like dry needling, our team at Functionize is here to help you go the distance when it comes to your health and performance:


Our studio is spacious, clean, bright, and full of running enthusiasts like you who understand that it isn't just about avoiding injury—it's about doing what you love and doing it better than ever.


And we'll never tell you to stop running—seriously. What we will do is help you learn how to run more efficiently and correct any underlying issues so you can keep putting your best foot forward.

Wherever you run, be sure to show up with your best self.

WTo discover how physical therapy in Dunwoody, Decatur, and Atlanta GA can help you or the runner in your life, contact Functionize at 404.907.4196 to schedule a Discovery visit. If you prefer, you can also reach us via email at, or click the button below!

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