Tyler grew up in Atlanta, GA, and Dallas, TX, playing golf in high school before heading to the University of Georgia for college. While studying at UGA, he got into rock climbing and spent many weekends driving around the southeastern United States climbing rocks with his friends. 

Upon graduation from UGA in 2008, Tyler moved west to work for various outdoor education companies leading mountaineering, rock climbing, and backpacking trips in Colorado and California in addition to other seasonal jobs. The trips Tyler led were focused on taking what people learned while overcoming challenges in the mountains and applying that to their daily life. 

This idea of going on a difficult journey that ultimately leads to a better place is what inspired Tyler to return to physical therapy school. He completed his Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Georgia State University in 2017. While at school, he volunteered with adaptive sports organizations taking people with disabilities rock climbing and helping facilitate boxing classes for people with Parkinson’s disease.

Prior to working at Functionize, Tyler worked at an outpatient therapy clinic for 3.5 years treating a variety of orthopedic conditions where he was able to work directly with doctors and other experienced clinicians. This environment refined his clinical reasoning skills and developed within him a good understanding of the process a person goes through when seeking care for a physical injury in our healthcare system. 

Through this experience, Tyler realized that a key component of good physical therapy care is having time with the patient to get to the bottom of what’s causing their injury, modify their plan of care as needed, and then safely progress to higher levels of activity. He enjoys working at Functionize because we have the tools and knowledge to address the more painful parts of the healing process and are then able to progress our clients to the higher level activities and sports. 

Tyler and his family currently live in Decatur where he continues to enjoy rock climbing, cycling, running, golf, and playing yard games in his free time. Being outside and moving energizes him and he seeks to use the highest quality of care to help his patients overcome physical impairments so they too can get outside and move. 


  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy 

  • Trigger Point Dry Needling 

  • Owens Recovery Science Blood Flow Restriction Therapy