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Is It Safe To Go Back To The Gym?

We are so excited to share the blog-stage (so to speak) with our friend Ashley Morse, the Wellness Coordinator from Resolution Fitness! Keep reading to find out what procedures ResFit has put in place, and to get an idea of what you should expect from your gym or fitness center.

“It is no secret that physical activity and exercising reduces the chances of developing chronic diseases, can lessen the risk of contracting non-communicable or communicable diseases and strengthens the immune system. But, during a pandemic, working out may actually pose a risk! So, how do I know when it is safe to go back to the gym? 

To keep team members and clients safe throughout the pandemic, stringent safeguards must be put in place to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19. If you are contemplating visiting a health and fitness center, these are the general precautions to be looking for, and the protocol we are currently following at Resolution Fitness: 

Check-In Procedures 

Just like at Functionize, all staff and members have their temperature taken upon arrival with a touchless thermometer.

Contactless check-in via an app or barcode should be enforced as having a record of who and at what time members entered the facility will assist with contact tracing if necessary. Any non-members entering the facility also have their contact information recorded, along with a temperature check, of course!

Personal Protective Equipment*

Face masks should be worn by everyone upon entering and exiting the gym. It is recommended to wear a face cover in all community areas, such as locker rooms and lounge areas, as well during exercise if possible. 

Our team members are wearing face masks and gloves at all times, whether that’s cleaning, training, doing laundry, checking temperatures, etc.

*Mask and glove requirements vary by local government mandates.

Social Distancing

To maintain 6 feet between members on the exercise floor, cardio and strength training machine availability has been reduced and marked for physical distancing. 

Minimized group fitness classes ensure each attendee has the appropriate amount of space. At Resolution Fitness, we have capped group fitness classes to 6 attendees per class and require reservations to ensure all participants are aware of safety guidelines.

Our trainers and instructors must remain 6-to-10 feet away from clients and all cueing/corrections are done verbally. 

Safety and Sanitation 

Hand sanitizers are available throughout the facility for members to use upon entry and frequently throughout their time at the fitness center.

We also have EPA-registered disinfectant spray and wipes readily available for members to clean equipment before and after use. These are approved disinfectants for use against viruses, including COVID-19, of course! Locker rooms and showers have also been supplied with disinfectant spray and wipes for members to use. 

Lastly, the fitness center is well- ventilated with the use of high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration units, open windows (when possible), and making sure any free-standing fans are positioned so that air is not directed from person to person.

At Resolution Fitness, we have provided enhanced training for team members on these protocols. Additionally, we have staff stationed throughout the facility to allow for appropriate disinfection of the workout floor, equipment, door handles, and common areas. Touch points have been removed from group fitness studios, so instructors and trainers check in and out with management, ensuring all equipment is properly sanitized before and after use!

It is important to remember we are all in this together! Everyone's attention to detail and adherence to the guidelines set in place will ultimately lead to our communities' improved health and safety.”

At the end of the day, you have to take control of your health and make the decision for yourself whether or not an activity or location is safe. If you’d like to know more about Resolution Fitness or receive a guest pass to check them out for yourself, just let Mary Kathleen know!

For additional information on Resolution Fitness please visit:


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