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Unstick Your Stuck

What does 2020 inspire in you?

It all starts with a warm cup of coffee and maybe a tad bit of Bailey’s too! (I am currently writing this in Austin, TX with weather cold enough for my guilty pleasure, so let’s just keep reading shall we.) 

Let me ask you this question again - what does the year and new decade 2020 inspire within you?

Is it just me, or has anyone else become overwhelmed by routine? Have you possibly forgotten about the pieces of you that enjoyed spontaneity, the strength to say no when we'd rather stay in to watch that episode (or six) of "This Is Us", or to even say yes to a friend’s invitation to hang that we've kept on putting off for the last half-year because we've felt drained or would drain others around us?

I don't know how the past 365 days have treated you, but I do know that for myself (and even a few of our patients I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with), that 2019 has exhausted me. Be it mental and or physical health, family, finances, diet, work, exercise (whatever has dragged you down) the feeling of being "stuck" seems to have grown.

If you had met me 5 months ago, you'd say I looked like someone who needed a serious nap and maybe a little more than coffee and Bailey’s, but truth be told, the one thing that really got to me was my work-home-life balance, or lack thereof. I suffered physical pain from being rear-ended in a car accident, lost my ability to work-out and run as I usually did, and on top of that, work seemed to not care or value me and kept loading on the tasks, slowly taking away my breathing room. This is where the mental block of “being stuck” started consuming my life. For me, breaking out of that was not a fast decision, nor an easy one, but was it the right one? Most definitely!

We are creatures of habit and thus become so comfortable with routine that the idea of breaking it creates this internal fear of the "unknown." Yet, before routine kicked in and we got older (or “adulted” more), many of us lived happily without worry regarding that unknown.

Once I removed this thought of being stuck and realized I was the sole driver of my life, my career, and my future, I began to remind myself of my worth, the life I've truly wanted for myself, and the steps and road it will take to get me there. For me, this must be a constant mental reminder though, not a one-day kind-of-sort-of attempt.

To unstick the stuck in my life, I resigned from my job all while looking for a new one and came across a company with one of its main priorities being to empower and encourage their employees with genuine care and kindness all while maintaining a professional system of task accomplishment and team building. A company that not only truly values their employees and colleagues, but their patients/clients as well.

When I handed in my letter of resignation, this re-lit a fire in me. I was in control of my life and happiness. Was I nervous for what was next and to come? Absolutely! But, for the first time in forever, I chose me. I am not saying you need to quit your job, but what I am stressing here is, no task is TOO big or impossible for you to accomplish when it comes to your life and true happiness. Take a deep breath in and do whatever it is you must to pursue a full life that brings a smile to your face and deep within.

Write down what you envision your 2020 to look like- for you and no-one else. Then, use this list of core values to help challenge you. Fit them in your life both personally and professionally. Once you get a grasp on them and build a fluid relationship personally and professionally, 2020 will be an unstoppable year for you.

Functionize Core Values:

  • Be Bold

  • Fun and Positive Team Spirit

  • Build honest relationships through open communication

  • Create memorable experiences

  • Instill an innovative environment

  • Anticipate unstated needs

  • Serve others with an attitude of gratitude

How does 2020 inspire me? I won't be setting a new year’s resolution, but I will be creating a year that continuously inspires me to be a better version of myself, that challenges and allows for opportunities of growth, to do something crazy that I have never done, but have always wanted to do. To learn something new. A year that I accomplish unsticking the stuck that I have let build up. A year where I choose a healthier me who will also happily enjoy dessert here and there, a year where I may not get to run a marathon, but where I will go for walks more frequently and be thankful that I can walk, that I get to take a breath and breathe in life and acknowledge the beauty around me that I have neglected, a year where I am more intentional with friends and family, making time for the loved ones in my life.

A year for me.

Unstick your stuck- you can do it! I know it seems scary at first, but once you start working towards it, my gosh and my golly does it become easier to breathe and accomplish so much more for yourself!

Choose you every day. Without hesitation or guilt, choose you.

So, what does YOUR 2020 inspire in you?!

Thanks for reading!


Hein is our Practice Manager as well as an aspiring Physical Therapist. He is originally from South Africa and is enjoying life in Atlanta with his partner Josh.

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